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Ancient Purity was founded in 2010 by Tom Stavely and Clive de Carle, based in England our products are supplied worldwide. Born out of their passion for natural health and wellbeing, they have researched and sourced the highest quality organic Superfoods, Supplements & Cutting Edge Health Products from around the world that will enable you to optimise your development and regain your health.

Ancient Purity products are sourced from the highest quality and most reliable producers in the world today. Purposely avoiding products that are deficient in active ingredients or containing GMO’s like so many supplements available on the market.  

We present natural, real health in superfood and supernutrient form along with health technology that encourages the body's healing capacity. It's your body that does the healing, supplements and devices simply provide the correct fuel the body requires to make this possible.

We spend much of our time investigating the latest health discoveries as well as searching for the lost health secrets of the past. Clive de Carle hosts “The Health Revolution Show” and interviews some of the world’s leading natural health experts, while holding his own events and weekend workshops. Tom Stavely, aka Health Refugee, has written an abundance of health articles some presented on this site. He also interviews health gurus, shares free health information and promotes free lifestyle guides on his websites healthrefugee.com and howhedidit.com.

Our goal is to educate and guide you to understand how to return to health or how to optimise it naturally and effectively. We aim to promote the use of natural health across the world as the first step to promoting health and recovering from a lack of it.

We pride ourselves on our reputation of providing a personal, friendly service and exceptional health products. We hope you will join us in choosing to live a healthy, abundant, happy life and put your health first. We’d love to meet you so please come along to one of our Natural Health Events.

Be well ~ Ancient Purity

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